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By listening to our customers our factory has become one of the top knife manufacturers in China and probably the world... Read More

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Shenda has been selling knives to major wholesale knives buyers and OEMs since 1995. Read more

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Our policy is to provide a complete service right through to delivery of wholesale knives in bulk and after-care... read more


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Welcome to Shenda

Our knife factory is one of the largest knife manufacturers in China. Producing Kitchen Knives, Garden Knives, Knife Blocks, Kitchen Scissors, and Kitchenware including BBQ tools, we are situated in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, China. We have a well-deserved reputation for high quality products supplied with first class customer service and competitive pricing. Such is our reputation as the most dominant knives manufacturers in China, that as well as exporting over 40% of our manufacturing output we are the largest supplier to the China Domestic Market by far. Our products are designed for our customers, or by our customers themselves to suit their exacting needs from Budget Entry Level Items to High End Professional Ranges. Service and supply you can trust.
Wholesale Knives

Supplying wholesale knives to major brands around the world we use high-grade materials and controlled manufacturing techniques to guarantee high performance and long lasting quality. We sell knives wholesale in large quantities to be retailed by others. We do not supply consumers (general public) direct. We do welcome major retail chains, with their own distribution networks as customers and welcome branding to their demands. Branding for Wholesalers or Retailers alike can be satisfied utilizing our extensive experience in on and off-product printing and specialist packaging. Wholesale knifes (sic) is our business and we produce many millions of knives accordingly each year. Our output continues to increase, especially to export markets as our quality is so well appreciated by our customers around the world. Our logistics department ensures that our customers’ orders are despatched and arrive effortlessly into customer warehouses on time and to specification.
Buy Knives in Bulk

As we are one of the largest factories in China producing wholesale knives in bulk we are able to use our economies of scale to keep factory prices as low as possible. This is particularly important when raw material commodity prices and labour costs are relentlessly rising worldwide. We want our customers to be confident that when they buy knives in bulk from our factory, that they consistently and repeatedly receive their orders in a fit for function condition ready for onward shipment to their distributors and retailers. Rapid turn round of bulk knives orders to short lead times is our aim. By working closely with our customers, all aspects of the logistics chain are professionally and efficiently managed and handled. We want you to be happy with our service.

Practical Functionality

Chinese knives have always had a reputation for practical functionality. As a Chinese Manufacturer we see the demand for Chinese traditional knives like Cleavers and larger Carving and Chopping knives increasing as the Western Consumer identifies to the performance capabilities of knife styles that have been in use in China for centuries.
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About Shenda - China

The world is now 60% dependant on China for its manufactured output. Knives are no exception so it is important to select a supplier who can reliably and consistently achieve the quality and reliability expectations of customers.

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